Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik


Sustainable transport systems are usually quite challenging in urban cities and in developing countries. The population growth, rapid income growth and rapid growth of cities and urbanization has led increase in travel demand. Most transport facilities fail due to lack of proper planning and design. Besides, the pedestrians and non-motorized vehicle users are less considered when urban transport system is planned that creates mixture of traffic in the roads and further complications. Economies across South East Asia are developing so fast that most of the people afford to have private vehicles and hence the vehicle population has also boomed. This is further worsened by lack of public transport facilities and parking space. Air pollution and other environmental hazards are also yet another concern. The fast growing problem metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur is not exempted from experiencing this traffic failure. Hence, the most of problematic issue in the perspective of urban transportation are traffic congestion, environment, energy consumption and safety. The first aim of this project is to develop a concrete future research plan and to identify available research grants for future close cooperation between Austria and Malaysia in the field of mobility and transport research. During this phase, all representatives will be gathered and each member will identify content, topics and initially draft the outline and structure of the grant based on previous needs-identification session in Malaysia. This workshop will provide a dedicated venue to critically develop research grant proposal which create opportunities for more partnerships involvement between Austrian university and ASEAN researchers. The second aim is to develop a questionnaire for a comparative study of mobility behavior and preferences between Austria and Malaysia.With this basis, a questionnaire-based survey will be carried out in Vienna and Kuala Lumpur (and/or in other cities in Malaysia) to gather input on the implementation of smart mobility during the lifetime of the project.