Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik

Beneficial (1998)

English Title: Economic Benefits of an Efficient Institutional Co-ordination between Transport and Land Use policy, Illustrated on Austrian Level

German Title: Wirtschaftliche Vorteile für österreichische Regionen durch eine institutionelle Koordinierung von Verkehrs- und Raumplanung

The project BENEFICIAL was part of: COST 332 Transport and Land Use Policies

Description of work

COST 332: Transport and Land Use Policies
Description of work, Identity card of Austrian case study, Part 1: National, Part 2: Regional

The considerable interdependence between transport and land-use is widely acknowledged in Austria. Nevertheless no efficient institutional co-ordination between transport and land-use policies has been established. This study compares the objectives of Austrian transport and land-use policies, considering their realisation with particular respect to economic aspects. The main aim is to point out effects caused by the identified lack of co-ordination for the different sectors of Austria's regional economy. Thus the study will provide decision makers an information basis identifying transport and land-use related causing factors for economic development. As well potential economic benefits of legal provision of a transport and land-use policy co-ordinating institution will be assessed.

The work was sudvided into two different spatial study areas. In part 1 an analysis on national (Austrian) level was performed, while part 2 deals with  regional level (Vienna and its hinterland).

Identity card of Austrian case study

FeatureTransportLand Use
Sectors concernedPlanning on national and province level, i.e. on supraregional levelPlanning on all levels:
  • National (weak)
  • Province
  • Local (emphasised)
Type of project or policy
  • National
  • Province
  • Local
  • All modes
  • National
  • Province
  • Local
Type of institutional co-ordinationAll forms of informal co-ordination
All attempts and approaches towards institutional co-ordination
Emphasis on planning procedures and legal systems
Players involvedSupraregional planning authoritiesNational, province and local plannning authoriities
Genesis of the projectGeneral acknowledgement of importance of co-ordination
Awareness of lack of co-ordination
Looking for reasans and ways of overcoming
Natur of the flows exchangedTo b identified in the project




Part 1: National

Finished, unpublished.

Part 2: Regional (Vienna region)

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