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LUNA (Simulating the demand for Long-distance travel Using a Non-OD-matrix based Approach) is a System Dynamics long-distance travel demand model developed in the European 7th Framework Programme of Research project ORIGAMI (Optimal Regulation and Infrastructure for Ground, Air and Maritime Interfaces).

  • A brief description of the cornerstones of the model LUNA is given here: Link.
  • A detailed description of modelling principles and results can be found in Deliverable 3.1 and 7.1 of ORIGAMI (Link).


The model LUNA is made available in the file format “vpm” which stands for Vensim Packaged Model. This type of models can be run with the software “Vensim Model Reader” which can be downloaded from the Vensim(r) homepage for free (Link). In order to be able to run LUNA the user has to install the “Vensim Model Reader”. For base year input and scenario definition Microsoft Excel(r) is needed. To install LUNA the user has to unpack all files from the file “” into one directory. The name and location of the directory can be selected freely. Nevertheless the internal order of the unpacked files and directory has to be kept as it is. The file “LUNA_V30.vpm” is the core model. The directory “data” contains eight xls-files. One of this files (“origami_data.xls”) contains the base year input data. The other seven files provide scenario definition data. More information is given in the Guidebook stored in the directory “guidebook”.

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Pfaffenbichler, P., Emberger, G. and Shepherd, S. (2012) Estimating future long-distance travel demand up to 2050 utilising the System Dynamics based model LUNA (Simulating the demand for Long-distance travel Using a Non-OD-matrix based Approach), European Transport Conference, 8-10 October 2012, Glasgow. Abstract. Full Paper.

Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme, Theme 7 Transport, Contract number 265600