Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik

Sami (1997)

Strategic Assessment Methodology for the Interaction of CTP-Instruments

Project Objectives, Partners, Dissemination


Programme: Transport
Start Date: 1.6.1997
End Date: 31.5.2000


Project Objectives:

Project SAMI is designed to meet the requirements of Task 1.6/33 in the list of Strategic Transport Research Tasks. Its overall goal, as specified in that Task, is:


  1. to define a comprehensive assessment methodology;
  2. to describe major findings and policy recommendations on CTP issues including policy implementation in CEEC/CIS;
  3. define and develop decision models (presented in a report and an interactive computer program) which can be used in relation to the
  4. interactions between policy instruments/measures and identified CTP targets;
  5. to prepare a short manual/guide for strategic policy assessment on CTP issues, addressing the policy and decision-makers.


Within the overall goal, the following specific, measurable objectives have been specified, each related to a work package, each directly measurable, and each contributing to one or more of the project deliverables:

  1. to identify candidate CTP targets and assess possible conflicts and synergies between them in order to define the structure of a target
  2. system including hierarchical levels, interactions, and quantifiable indicators;
  3. to define scenarios and sets of possible CTP instruments related to selected targets;
  4. to refine and test an optimisation methodology - previously developed on an urban level - on the European level;
  5. to define and develop a strategic assessment methodology - including necessary software - for system-wide (European) impacts of policy packages;
  6. to clarify the conditions for CTP implementation on the European level when considering also the implications in the CEEC/CIS. 



  • VTT Communities and Infrastructure, Finland
  • University College London, UK
  • Institute for Traffic Planning and Transport Engineering, University of Technology Vienna, Austria
  • Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
  • Free University of Amsterdam, Economic and Social Institute, Netherlands
  • TRANS-POR, Portugal
  • Marcial Echenique and Partners, Ltd UK
  • Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
  • Scientific Centre of Complex Transport Problems, Romania



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  • Paul C. Pfaffenbichler (2000), A strategic transport model of Europe (EURO9), H. Knoflacher, Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik, Presentation at the Symposium "Donauraum - EU-Osterweiterung", 26-27 April 2000.