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Peter Cox


Prior to re-entering academia, Peter ran his own cycle business and was involved in a range of cycle campaigning and community organising projects. His first Degree was in interdisciplinary research in Social Science at the University of Lancaster. His doctoral thesis (Liverpool, 2002) explored the links between Gandhian theory and practice, post-development and the political ecology of sustainability. Since then he has taught in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Chester as a Senior Lecturer, specialising in the area of social change and sustainability and the impacts and processes of globalisation. He is author of 'Moving People: Sustainable Transport Development (Zed Books 2010). A founder member of the Cycling and Society Research Group, he co-edited (with Dave Horton and Paul Rosen) Cycling and Society (Ashgate 2007) as an outcome of this group’s work and his research in the field of mobilities studies has led him to be a contributor to international forums on sustainable transport.




Selected Publications and Papers

  • Cox, P. (ed) (forthcoming 2014) Cycling Cultures: studies in diversity and practice University of Chester Press
  • Cox P. (2013) ‘Rethinking Bicycle Histories: a sociological analysis’ Paper for special session “The Invisible Bicycle: New Insights into Bicycle history at 40th Symposium of the International Committee for the History of Technology, ICOHTEC (Manchester 22-28 July 2013)
  • Cox P. (2013) Class And Competition: The Gentrification Of Sport Cycling’ The Bicycle Reader (Number 2)
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  • Cox, P (2012) Strategies promoting cycle tourism in Belgium: practices and implications Tourism Planning and development 9 (1) 1-15
  • Cox, P. (2012) “Velo-Diverstet: Cykler til Alle” (Velo-Diversity: cycling for all) Poster for Public Exhibition: contributor to “The Good City – 21 Visions for a City on the Move” Bicycle Innovation Lab, Copenhagen 8 June – 9 July 2012
  • Cox, P & Ogden, C (forthcoming) ‘The Compulsory Passenger: mobility, impairment and empowerment’, Journal of Transport Geography
  • Cox, P. (2012) ‘Between store and home: distributing consumer goods’ paper presented to T2M Conference History and Future of Intermodal Mobilities Madrid 15-18 November 2012
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  • Cox, P, (2009) ‘Gandhian Nonviolence as a Response to Epistemological Violence’, Paper for ‘Rethinking Gandhi & Global Nonviolence’, Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, April 9 - 10, 2009
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